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Near Death Experiencers


Researchers are now copyrighting our NDE tunnels!


People who have experienced Near-Death events often share them both in verbal and written form and lately, in increasing numbers.  They, of-course have a natural copyright to their personal experience.  Researchers and authors who use these accounts, singly or collectively to bolster their stories or theories do so only under implied fair use. To copyright this phenomenon by utilizing NDE event-accounts is clearly both individual and class copyright infringement.


A page titled The Physics of Near-Death-Experiences: A Five-Phase Theory, on a site called Noetic Now (see link below) is bothersome. Its authored by Maureen Venselaar, PhD.

The purpose of this argument is not to debate the scientific or theoretical ground nor the conclusions of Maureen Venselaar's theory (which is a fairly well thought out and plausible idea, but applicable only in a limited sense; as a possible subset of the infinitely larger expanding connectivity of the self with the internal - external cosmos), but her copyright of the undeniable and ubiquitious structure of the Near-Death spiritual-scientific phenomenon. In addition, because of the copyrighted itemization of both the existential states of the experiencer as well as the essential structure of the NDE  in her "characteristics" and "phases" lists, her "theory" becomes an artificial, unlawful mandate which will inevitably become an unnecessary and serious hindrance to anyone seeking to (further) enumerate, describe, expand and incorporate the features and progressions of the NDE. The copyright gives the author information control over a critical and significant portion of the vista of this grand experience. What is equally objectionable is that the descriptions of the phases are gleaned from the accounts of those who have gone through a near-death-experience; descriptions which have been given freely in a spirit of goodwill and non-copyrighted magnanimity.

 Frankly, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this copyright which in my opinion is a monument to the base human nature under whose ambitious self-interest, will now be buried-alive, viable, corresponding particulars of near death experiences.  Imagine copyrighting the formation of Nimbus clouds, the hues in the sky from dawn to dawn,  aurorae borealis or the process of birth, growth and death!

In addition to the dishonorable copyright, a rudimentary analysis of the Five Phase Theory further establishe
s its lack of breath and specialized  knowledge of the NDE paradigm.

(a) Over generalizations without regard to the complexity and variability in near death experiences.

(b) Misunderstanding individual consciousness. Asserting that those who are near death lose their normal consciousness and experience another kind of consciousness. But this appears to be incorrect because the
consciousness remains the same, however it is uniquely enhanced, expanded and is active in a different environment of time, space, unusual geometric properties and ontology. This evokes the feelings of having another consciousness.

(c) Confirmation bias as evidenced in the return to the body through a still open tunnel. Her references are from the book, Nader tot het licht by M. Morse. An English translation of this book called, Closer to the light, Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children, M. Morse, M.D., with Paul Perry is extant. Just three accounts affirming a return to the body through the tunnel are not statistically significant in making the leap to justification of the wormhole theory.

(d) Lack of correlation of the "ghostly body of light", "another body" etc.  with  their well described psycho- spiritual counterparts in esoteric, occult and mystical literature such as "the most sacred body" (wujud al-aqdas) and "supracelestial body" (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism, "the diamond body" in Taoism and Vajrayana, "the light body" or "rainbow body" in Tibetan Buddhism, "the body of bliss" in Kriya Yoga, and "the immortal body" (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism, the Koshas/subtle body in Vedanta, the etheric, astral and ego bodies in Theosophy. The omission of even a rudimentary allusion to a very significant and substantial body of knowledge that has been known for a very long time indicates a disregard for the collective wisdom of mankind.

(e) A general condescending and superior tone, as evoked in the use of words like "Humankind" (instead of Man-kind, humans, humanity), and "NDE-people".

This so called theory is not a scientific theory. Its her idea gleaned from reading accounts of personal experience. The cases she references to make her points are statistically insignificant and would be found to be so if this were a true scientific theory.  Most of these experiences have integral to them her so called five phases. These five phases predate her copyrighted five phases. Even the language that she uses to describe each phase has already been used before by thousands of accounts of near-death-experience, experiencers. Hers, in fact is a bogus copyright.

"The Physics of Near Death Experiences" in the title is a hyperbole which attempts to pigeon-hole the spectrum of near-death experiences. This absurd copyright further affirms the restrictive but unenforceable spirit of Ms. Venselaar's intellectual creation.

And with the free spirit that is the possession of all, I challenge Ms. Venselaar's copyrighted enumeration of her Five phase theory based on my own documented near-death-experiences, several of them occurring long before she even began indulging in NDE research and long before the advent of the internet or the publishing of NDE books.

My Five Phase/Point Theory (Oops! Six-Point) of the Near-Death-Experience
  • Under anesthesia, I fell deeper, deeper into my own body until I became a small point of consiousness. This I called:
Becoming a small point
  •  This point at some point of my "journey" separated from my physical body, in that I was not at all conscious of my physical body. This I called a separation from my physical body. 
Separation from Physical Body.
  • At some point within the darkness I found myself journeying through a tunnel at the end of which was the presence of a beautiful loving, heavenly light.  
There was a heavenly light.
  • I attempted to go into this light, however I couldn't since there was a boundary as this was happening. This boundary was near where the light is, in the same general area. A tangible boundary through which no one can go.  
There was a boundary.
  • I returned to my physical body, as if waking from a coma. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't recall a tunnel on my return journey, or stars and planets but there was a tunnel.  
 There was a tunnel.
  • After a few moments I reoriented myself to my body and united with it.  I was in union with my body therefore I had a:
Unification with my body.

So you see the point? Most every NDE Experiencer has a natural copyright on the Five, the Six, the Seven and The Multiple Phase Theories.

Wikipedia Commons
Sapta Chakra, from a Yoga manuscipt in Braj Bhasa lanaguage with 118 pages. 1899.
British Museum

Further more. . .

The author proudly proclaims that after reading hundreds of NDEs, she has further pulled out features from other people's experiences; but remember, according to natural law, the owners of these experiences are the authentic copyright holders of these features, phrases and expressions and not Maureen Venselaar, no matter how she summarizes the content of already copyrighted content to create her bogus copyright. Her reasoning is entirely self-serving. Note what she says in the following paragaraph, "I am convinced of a third possible explanation, which connects severe trauma or sickness to the appearance of an NDE." By this she means the physics of the event - a physics, that is the spatial experience that every NDE experiencer as well as yogi's and others already knows, first hand. 

This copyright  serves no real purpose for humanity. It only testifies to self-aggrandizement and profit. Even a third grader could read through NDE accounts, make a list of features and sell them at a lemonade stand.  Thousands of accounts have already been given by NDEs as a service to humanity with the belief that they will be utilized exclusively for this purpose and not for a researcher's copyright. All NDEers, concerned individuals and organizations worldwide must come together to challenge any exclusive copyright on any sequence or list of features/characteristics and other items gleaned from the account of Near-Death-Experiences.

"For these reasons, I felt challenged to discover and to develop a new coherent and all-inclusive theory. I analyzed hundreds of NDEs, and after more than ten years of study. . . It also adds another ten features to the list of NDE characteristics (all of which are under copyright" she says. Features such as vibrations, the subtle body of ight, moon, stars, milky way, other heavenly bodies, becoming small like a grain, expansion, travelling faster than the speed of light, a magnet-like force, the light, two tornado-shapes that appear like an hour glass, blue and green lights, the importance of a person's thoughts and the forgetting of the higher wisdom received. These additional features that she is copyrighting are glaringly common to NDEs, to copyright them is an absurdity. Yet it appears that the NDE world and its significant others have allowed her to get away with this affront.

    A 10 Point Plus Theory of the Near-Death-Experience 

     An illustration to make a point.
    Specific characteristics in this account are authentically under my copyright, so if anyone wants to lift an NDE characteristic from this account to add to a copyrighted lemonade list, beware of my wrath.

    During part hypthetical, part true NDE, part true OBE, part true Lucid Dreaming collage event I had the following sensations, which can be called features, or attributes, or characteristics or. . . Since they happened to me I feel I have a perfect right to enumerate and express them in my own words and in Phase-Sequence.
      I suddently began to feel vibrations (which are a well documented phenomenon in OBEs) as I separated from my body. I felt the cells in my body pop, in a generalized apoptotic event. Suddenly, I was caught up in a cloud and in this cloud I noted that I had the typical linga sharira, a long, rubberband-like, diamond, shining ghostly body. As I expanded into the universe, I zoomed through stars and planets. I saw multiple universes with their own suns and also the milky way. I also saw exactly which spiral I was on. I was in the body of a gigantic, invisible time spirit, the spirit of our galaxy. Our Earth in actuality is in the far lower left leg of this great and sacred being. I became a grain of consciousness, I suppose for the sake of ordinary language description, it could be compared to an ordinary physical grain of sand or better analogy is grain of diamond dust in o during this "journey". Then when I returned, I expanded into my body. I was traveling even faster than even the speed of light. I felt that while I was on the escalator, I was going toward something that was magnetically pulling me towards it. I saw energy vortex/ spirals that looked like an hourglass. Then I was given a choice. Either choose the blue streak of light or the red. I chose the red, as I thought I might be happier after real death within that loving white light, which I had seen earlier. I believed this is what choosing the red meant, my death, code red, however, I was thwarted in my attempt to merge with the light, being shown that my loved ones would be very sad if I died, so I was led to choose the alternative. My thoughts gained pre-emminent supremacy and meaning and became a critical decision making tools. Much was explained to me by unseen spiritual beings, however, I have since forgotten some helpful information although I remember the bulk of my NDE. I had returned to my body through a hole like space inside my head. Then I experienced my expansion into my body.  There might have been a  tunnel on my return but I don't recall it..
    And Finally
    "Ken Ring, Raymond Moody, Bruce Greyson, Jeff Long, Pim von Lommel – have defined the NDE phenomenon to the satisfaction of the NDE community.  If Maureen’s definition is different then she is outside the standard bell curve and is less credible because of it."- A veteran of the NDE community

    The Copyright Grinches are coming!



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