Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Night Visit to Purgatory

During  the entire year of 1990, I felt  very  unappreciated and seriously wondered if there was any purpose to my  goodwill and hard-work. 

One night, exhausted after a long day and having put my child to bed, I briefly and casually chatted with GOD, while preparing for my night's rest. I asked GOD, what was the point in leading a good life, when others who weren't, seemed to be getting all the benefits.

Sometime during the night while I slept, I awoke. I knew I was in bed and sleeping yet I was fully awake and conscious. I became aware of a presence standing at the door.  A shadow like spirit person, telepathically asked me if she could come in. I acquiesced and the very next moment, in spirit, I changed my position on the bed, so that  my head was now at the foot end. The woman and a man were leaning back on the pillows at the head.  I felt a great kinship towards them.  They felt parent-like, and I now believe that they were my parents from a different time, in the style of the father and daughter painting, the American Gothic. 

The women told me that they would like to show me something and would I like to go with them? I agreed.  The very next moment I was lifted off the bed, with each of them holding me by the arms and we were flying!  We flew out of the house and into the dark cosmos.  I felt incredibly light and joyful. We sped up into the distant cosmos and alighted on a planet.  There was darkness all around except for a cone of bright light emerging from the cosmos, surrounding us in a circle. I inquiringly looked at "my angels without wings" as to what the place was. The woman and man as one, instructed me to move yonder and explore the area.  

Stepping out of the circle of light  I felt a dreadful heaviness. The gravity of this planet was exceedingly heavy, many many times that of the Earth.  Walking out some distance, I observed a curious scene. In an alley was a dump truck. I watched the back of it open upwards. A man jumped out of the front and dragged a dead person out of the dumpster.  I watched intently to see where he was taking the murdered man, but to my surprise the scene immediately repeated itself, exactly! The act would restart at the dumpster opening, then the driver jumping out and dragging the body and back to the dumpster opening . . .(just like the movie Groundhog Day!). I watched this replay for quite sometime, then I moved on further down the alley.  The farther I walked, the harder it became because of the lead like feeling of my (spirit) body and the sinking of my heart.  The place was dreary, a uniform yet monochromatic gray, giving depth and perspective to the environment. It was very depressing. I began to feel like I was going to pass out so I retraced my steps to   my friends in the cone of light.  Oh, boy! what a relief it was to get back into the light. I felt lighter and at peace. I ask about the place, they say, "This is Purgatory." Looking up at the incredibly vast space of the cosmos; the light subtly lit the cosmos out into an infinite distance. I saw stars in space after space spreading farther out, up into the universe.  In wonder, looking up, I asked my friends, " Where is GOD?".  The woman, stretched her arm upward and pointing up to infinity said, "GOD is way up there."   I clearly saw stars loosely bound, stretching to infinity with gaps between levels, delineating some form of separation between spheres. But GOD was nowhere to be seen! GOD was even beyond that last band of stars in the dark but lit sky . . . somewhere way up there!  It was an amazing vista.  Then we began to fly out again. I felt so very light and free. Exhilarated, I expressed my lightness to them and they said, " You feel light and free because you have led a good life. The reason for leading a good life is that after you (a person) dies, you can be light and have the freedom to go anywhere", (and not be stuck on a dark, heavy planet or other similar areas of the cosmos).  

We landed on Earth and my friends in parting said, "Because you asked, we came to show you the importance of leading a good life". The next moment I found myself sinking into and waking up in my body.

Survival Tip

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